Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch out for Bookmato! It doesn't pass the smell test!

Something very disturbing happened yesterday. It seems that a startup ebook company known as Bookmato has been soliciting for authors and publishers to sell their books on their service. I STRONGLY URGE all authors and publishers to look very carefully before you leap. I have been in contact directly with Mark Coker of Smashwords regarding this matter. It seems that Bookmato people has stolen a great portion of the Smashwords Terms of Service. They have since been contacting all of the Smashwords authors and publishers from contact information posted on Smashwords. This new company (Bookmato) is not distinguishing themselves with any sense of credibility. Please do not rush to publish with them at this time. They are NOT a proven entity yet and they are, in fact, operating without any moral character or integrity at this point. Look at them very carefully before you make your own decision. To date, in FACT, Mark Coker is NOT involved in ANY discussions whatsoever with Bookmato. In FACT, Mark has sent them a TAKEDOWN order to remove their plagiarized Terms of Service. Also, breaking a book down into chapters and selling piecemeal may have an adverse affect on enforcing your copyright sometime later. Think CAREFULLY. It is your work and reputation that could be placed in jeopardy without realizing it. Take the TIME to check them out. Remember, we've been given time so that we don't have to experience everything at once. Use it wisely. I'm now stepping down from my soapbox. Thank you. I'll be here all week. lol

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