Friday, July 1, 2011

eBooks have arrived! we are. In 2008, I said they were coming like gangbusters very soon. Last December, I repeated it. Now here it is July, 2011, and 95% of all my book sales are eBooks. Smashwords has made a huge entry into the eBook publishing arena and they don't seem to be doing anything except growing. I just joined the "Summer/Winter Site Wide Sale," setting all my books at 50% off. Already sales are popping. The only way I can look at this is to say that this is wonderful! I could never have imagined selling books on this level. The influence of "traditional publishers" is quickly fading. Of course there are downsides to this, but VERY few. Sure, there is a lot more crap out there, but it is YOU the readers that will ALWAYS have the say in which author is successful and who will be a BUST! For readers, this is incredible! No more should anyone pay upwards of $25.00 for a book. What do you all think?

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